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Meningitis in children: symptoms and treatment

Meningitis is a serious and dangerous infectious disease. It is characterized by inflammation of the meninges. Everyone can get meningitis. However, almost half of the cases of meningitis occur in childhood. Let us consider in more detail the signs and methods of treating this dangerous infectious ...

Is Propecia the best remedy for alopecia in men?

Thick hair on the head is a decoration not only for women but also for men. Over the years, men have a significant loss of hair, leading to alopecia. Alopecia is characteristic of men after the age of 40-50. Nowadays this disease is getting younger and in 16% of cases, it affects men at the age of ...

How to get rid of smoking addiction?

Modern cigarettes are even more dangerous than before: no matter how much you smoke, the risk of disease is still high and even greater than a few years ago. Let's consider the causes of addiction and smoking cessation methods. Table of contents: How does nicotine affect the body? ...

How to increase female libido?

Low libido is a common problem for modern women. The reasons for the decrease in sexual desire can be both psychological and physiological factors. You can restore sexual ardor with the help of various means, both natural and medication. Before you learn how to increase libido in women, it is ...

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction causes panic in most men, although doctors do not classify this disease as fatal. This reaction can easily be explained by the desire of a man to lead a familiar sex life. Regular intimacy is a natural need for all men, so the likelihood of impotence is an extremely painful ...

Antibiotics, what these?

Antibiotics are a panacea for some and taboo for others. Someone in panic buys the first available drugs at the first symptoms of any disease. And the others are afraid of their use even in the most difficult situations. To form your attitude towards this type of medicine and get rid of prejudice, ...

Where to order generic medications online in Africa
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